City’s plight underlines need for local govt polls

Dear Editor,

The current public spat between the Mayor and Councillors and the Town Clerk of the Georgetown Municipali-ty serves to remind us why the nation needs the urgent hosting of Local Government Elections.

This is just another example and manifestation why citizens across the country need to elect new representatives to look out for their interests when it comes to the management of their community affairs.

The situation in Georgetown also serves to underscore why local government reform was necessary and one can only hope that the recently passed bills in the National Assembly addressed issues that would render the administrative arm of our municipalities accountable to the directions and instructions of our elected representatives. If this is not the case, then our entire democracy is meaningless.

Minister Whittaker, you owe the residents of Georgetown the exigency of announcing a date for Local Government Elections. I am ready!


Yours faithfully,
Chontelle Sewett

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