Something is terribly wrong with our Police Force

Dear Editor,

Racism. The decision by the Spanish Police to detain a Villarreal supporter who it is alleged threw a banana at a player as a racist taunt, and the action taken by the NBA to ban the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for racist comments, is most wonderful. There is in Guyana, a very troubling latent racism. This is revealed by the use of derogatory words such as, ‘coolie’, ‘blackman’ and ‘buck,’ when referring to ‘Indo-Guyanese’, ‘Afro-Guyanese’ and ‘ Amerindians’. The time has come to make the use of such words, a criminal offence.

The Dark Side. The present proceedings of the Rodney Col is quite revealing. It has been long overdue. The People’s Temple episode (now closed?), and Dr. Walter Rodney’s unfortunate demise, were dark periods in our history. It is my fervent hope that at the end of the ‘Rodney Col’, we would have learnt something about our ‘Dark Side’, and make a pledge, never again.

Subsidy. The Prime Minister, in the absence of the President, has signed the Appropriations Bill 2014, thus eliminating a financial crisis. What is important to note, is that Linden residents will each receive an electricity subsidy of $23,000 monthly, whilst Government old age pensioners (outside of Linden), will receive the princely sum of $30,000 yearly (as an electricity subsidy),    life is good.

The Jagdeo Nightmare. His detractors love him so much, that even after demitting office, this love/hate obsession with him still persists. In certain sections of the press, photographs of he and his ‘Best friend’, are always shown. The Editor of that particular newspaper, should consider visiting a “shrink,” his obsession with the former President, is unnatural.

World Press Freedom Day. One could not help noticing the absence of representatives from the government media (SN 2014-05-05) at the function hosted by the United States Embassy; oversight or photographers’ negligence? Most evident, was the presence of a gentleman, who has been allegedly accused of child molestation, gracing the Ambassadorial Residence. Back in the Ambassador’s hometown, that gentleman would have been behind bars, and probably have his photograph displayed with the relevant information at the various police stations.

De Police. Something is terribly wrong with our Police Force. The recent incident involving 15 year old Alex Griffith, tells me that there are some very, very sick policemen in that institution. Those men are an embarrassment to the Force, and by extension the Minister of Home Affairs, and the Commissioner of Police. It is time to root them out.

Drug Shortage. What a mess! I suspect sabotage. It is totally unbelievable, that not one, but many of our Hospitals and Health Centres, are complaining about the said shortages, something is amiss.

The City. To immunize, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, is to make immune to infection. That is the reason, fellow citizens, why some of our Parliamentarians, along with our beloved Councillors, continue to bask in the present “beauty,”of our “Garden” City.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn, MSM
Major (Rt’d)

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