Modi appears as the man who will finally unleash the true potential of India

Dear Editor,

There is something electrifying about the rise of Narendra Modi from the son of a tea seller to most likely the next Prime Minister of the world largest democracy. Indian politics has been dominated by the elite Gandhi dynasty since independence but as result of the manner in which they “putinized” and “bastardized” the terms of Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh; their legacy is seriously damaged today. In India’s current elections, the standard-bearer of the Congress party is Rahul Gandhi, but he comes across as an absolute novice compared to the statesmanlike stature of Modi. From all the interviews I have seen of Rahul, I observed a “wishy-washy” politician who completely failed to inspire; which is quite damaging to the image of the Indian educated class who are known worldwide for their oratory skills and intellect. By contrast, Modi, comes across as a Head of State in waiting, who understands the botherations of the people, how to formulate the solutions and how to lead on the implementation of these solutions. He stands on a solid anti-poverty record in Gujrat that is very pro-business with a focus on human development. He also has a reputation as someone who can confront corruption and graft.

Modi appears as the man who will finally unleash the true potential of India. As someone with ancestral roots in India, I am very proud that India has finally broken the silent rule that only the fair-skinned upper class can rule the masses. Finally someone from the masses will rule India. Free at last, India is free at last.


Yours faithfully,
Sase Singh

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