Dear Editor,

Most people tell me that my wife `do me’ (work obeah on me) because of the way I love and treat her. I tell them that if she `do me’ I like what she did to me, and I want her to do some more.

I believe that my wife is the best mother in the whole world. She is a like rare jewelry (rubies). Rubies are more rare and valuable than diamonds and gold. Likewise, my wife is a rare mother.

She is rare because of her high moral and spiritual qualities. Here is why I believe that she is the best mother in the whole world: she is the best mother in the world because she is trustworthy. It means when I’ve to be away from home for a long time, I can put my head on a block that she will remain faithful. She remains faithful because she is a ruby and virtuous mother.

She is the best mother because not only when I’m gone, I can trust her, but I trust her with our money. (By the way, even though she doesn’t earn money outside the home, it’s still our money). She will not squander what I give her, but use it in a manner that benefits the family. She doesn’t waste it on expensive clothes, but she invests it in buying properties.

She is the best mother because she is compassionate. For example, she doesn’t only take care of her family, but also those who are less fortunate, like the poor and needy. She is the best mother because when she speaks her words are full with wisdom and not foolishness.

She is the best mother because she fears the Lord. She understands that this quality is more important and praiseworthy than physical beauty.

She is the best mother because she is a precious gift from God to me. Because she is a gift to me? I handle her delicately and allow her the opportunity to develop her own abilities. In addition, I praise her daily and never take her for granted. My wife is more valuable to me than all the wealth of the world. In my wife, God has blessed me with something more valuable than any material possessions.

She is the best mother because she is an asset, not a liability to me. Because of her, I am a better father and person. Because she pays more attention to her inner woman than the one on the outside, her true beauty grows greater and she becomes increasingly more beautiful in the eyes of her family as the years pass.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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