No diversions, give us local gov’t elections

Dear Editor,

In relation to the current catastrophe facing our cities and municipalities across the country, and in particular the one in Georgetown, we hear and see prescriptions being applied to the sick patient that include a combination of informal recommendations and formal policy approaches by citizens, interests groups and political policy makers. These include the establishment of IMCs, short-term periods of compromise for city council and city administrators to work together, $1 billion budgetary allocation for a country wide cleanup, and a unanimous parliamentary motion to restore Georgetown.

All these medicines represent misplaced approaches to what is really needed to address the core problem that is destroying the city, towns and communities. Editor, we should not continue to waste precious resources, time and energies on such bandages and diversions, instead we should put all those efforts toward the hosting of Local Government Elections.

I join with my colleagues to repeat the call for Minister Whittaker to set a date for the urgent hosting of LGE. I am Ready!

Yours faithfully,

Keoma Griffith


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