We know the PPP is using the Rodney COI as an opportunity to get mileage for elections

Dear Editor,

I know Walter Rodney was killed. I don’t know who killed him, because I personally have no evidence. All I can attest to is how I was treated during the various regimes, which, while it may serve to establish the political climate for the killing, cannot directly establish who was actually responsible. The PNC says they are innocent of it.

I know that the PNC rigged elections. I have already written some time ago that people have admitted to me or been caught rigging by me, but that their evidence is no longer available in a court of law because they are dead from old age and suicide. The PNC says they are innocent of rigging and therefore will not apologise for it.

While not necessarily deductively valid according to the knowledge base of some, the analogy is certainly valid by scientific induction that the PNC therefore has no credibility with me when they claim innocence of Rodney’s killing.

As I see it, the reason the PPP did not have inquiries shortly after 1992 into Rodney’s killing and into election rigging was that it feared the still fairly young and strong thugs in the PNC would exert undue influence over witnesses.

The PPP under Mr Jagdeo felt they turned the tables on the PNC by the clever use of presidential power crafted by the very PNC, which they imposed on us via the rigged 1978 referendum and the 1980 constitution, and by the aid of what they thought as lesser evils. They could not trust in God to deal with the matter by enfeebling the PNC thugs in His own time, and they did not empower the security forces to do a better job. The ‘lesser’ evils are now in the driving seat and the PPP has now become our greatest plague. Witnesses (other than some anti-PNC ones) are still in fear, but now it is obviously because they cannot expect protection from corrupted government agencies.

People are not stupid. We know the PPP is using the Rodney COI as an opportunity to get mileage for elections. Mr Hydar Ally was as personally likeable to me in the early 1980s as Messrs Granger and Williams are to me now. However he has become a different person. He said (in ‘New voting system requires robust education’ SN May 11, 2014) that “The new system of voting with a hybrid of the constituency and proportional representation would require a robust voter education programme which GECOM needs to put in place before any elections are held.” Let me inform him that GECOM had advertised training for Returning Officers for just such hybrid elections. I applied and underwent weekend trainings only a few years ago at St. Joseph High School under Mr. Benn and very capable GECOM staff. This was not the first time I considered it my civic duty to offer my services for elections. At the end of it we sat an examination (the results of which I can’t understand why are still secret). Returning officers were in turn to set up and educate their staff and voters in their regions. The hybrid national and local government elections did not materialize and all that considerable money used by GECOM for training was wasted under the PPP.

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Bhulai

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