As crazy as Smith’s book

Dear Editor,


The following passage appeared in a letter published in Kaieteur News of April 3,,2014 under the caption “Sincere remorse……… forgiveness.”

It refers to the matters now occupying the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the death of Dr. Walter Rodney. The writer points to new suspects inside the Working People’s Alliance. He also narrows the range of suspects by race.

If the writer is a seriously concerned citizen he has the clear duty to present these vital clues to the sitting Commission and to offer to testify.

“His secret agreement with Dr Cheddi Jagan intended to eventually merge the WPA with the PPP.
Since it was an open secret that Dr Rodney did not trust some in the WPA, the merger was apparently only known within his very tight inner circle! Who were they? The task of merging the WPA with the PPP would have crushed those who found it repugnant and unacceptable. How they resolved this problem was destined to become historic. Since by his own race he was automatically and officially prejudged guilty, he became both the threat and prime target by the same reason for his elimination from within the WPA and “outsider PNC”.
A Rodney dead was better off serving both the WPA and PNC which motivated their collusion.” (KN April 3,2014)

I myself think that this theory of an “inside” suspect is as crazy   as Smith’s book. In fairness to all I hope those responsible for both of them will urge their convictions before the Commission.


Yours faithfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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