Prof. Suresh Narine is a true role model

Dear Editor,

Further to the several accolades attributed recently to Professor Suresh Narine, I wish to add another dimension of which many Guyanese might not be aware: His world class status in the academic/scientific/research/innovation arenas have not got into his head so that he remains humble and approachable; he is a real joy to be with as a friend, colleague, fellow Hindu and a decent human being.

I recall with amazement being totally impressed by his active participation and his inspirational discourses at the stirring ‘satsanghas’ which the late renowned Pandit Prakash Gossai Ji used to conduct all across Guyana.

In Prof. Suresh Narine, we Guyanese are blessed with a true role model; please let us do whatever we can to retain him in the many capacities he has already demonstrated his unique combination of competences. Guyana needs more of his kind.

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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