An overwhelming imbalance

Dear Editor,


`In the Diaspora’ opinions facilitated in Stabroek News are in overwhelming imbalance weighed in favour of pro black culture.

WPA activists get favoured treatment as much as countries far from Guyana e.g. Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Jamaica, St Lucia, America and lately Modi’s India. The scarce few articles associated with Indians only highlight and celebrate their deculturised existence within the mainstream. Other times, featured ”Indians” are critical of that which for some reason they find objectionable of things Indian. Those who are active remigrants become “integrated” in Guyanese society, and prominently promoted and lauded as the desirable shepherded flock of pride. Seldom do we find an Indo Guyanese celebrating Indianness as a regular columnist. Some spicy curry cannot be so harmful.Diaspora features automatically published when submitted by its overseas Editor?

How does anyone enter that realm, visa or otherwise to be so occasionally graced and become published therein or elsewhere?

Not possessing any PPP, PNC, AFC, WPA or JFAP axes to grind it behooves me to humbly request such consideration. I am hopeful you can kindly bother with me at your convenience.

Your consideration and indulgence will be much appreciated.


Yours faithfully,
S. Khan.


Editor’s note: The editor of the `In the Diaspora’ column is Ms Alissa Trotz and she may be reached at

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