Surendra Engineering has BJP ties

Dear Editor,


Reference is made to Mr Khemraj Ramjattan’s recent statement: “We now know that with the Modi government (Prime Minister elect Narendra Modi) they are going to stop that contract because (Indian contractor) Surendra doesn’t know to build a building much less a specialty hospital.” The AFC leader’s pronouncement was carried in a report captioned, ‘Specialty Hospital work over voted sum –opposition’ (SN, May 19).

Editor, I am not as confident as Mr Ramjattan, that the Modi government in India, will do any such thing. You see, Mr Surendra Parikh, Managing Director of Surendra Engineering, was the BJP candidate for the Hawa Mahal region. Perhaps, the AFC leader may wish to share with the Guyanese public, the reason for his obvious optimism.

Otherwise, I would suggest that local politicians research the issues at hand, before making potentially embarrassing public pronouncements.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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