Blood donors cannot donate at Suddie Hospital

Dear Editor,

I was encouraged to donate blood, something that I had done once before. Recently I visited the Suddie Hospital to perform the noble task of donating blood, but left without getting the opportunity to do so. In fact a close friend of mine is in need of blood and I wanted to help him. When I approached the staff in the laboratory, their response was that the hospital was currently not accepting blood from donors. I couldn’t ascertain for how long this may have been the case or when in the future this decision would be reversed. I was told however that it was a decision that was given by officials from the Blood Bank in Georgetown and that the local staff would have to undergo further training. Interestingly a senior official at the hospital was not aware of this development.

It is unfortunate that those willing to donate blood and in some cases to urgently provide for patients who are in need, are unable to do so. It is public knowledge that persons are encouraged to donate blood, which is not only for an important cause but because it also helps maintain a healthy body. It is in this context therefore that I hope the relevant authorities will act expeditiously so that the hospital can readily start accepting blood from donors once again.


Yours faithfully,
Elroy Stephney

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