A great performance by Joel Ghanshyam

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, May 11, a very entertaining concert was sponsored by the Sugrim family of Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, particularly Chinee of Guytrac and his sister Pamela Harripersaud and their families. This concert was staged to celebrate Mothers’ Day and it was held at the Crabwood Creek Community Centre ground. In addition to the entertainment 50 mothers were mentioned, placed on stage and given gifts. One mother was even crowned Queen of the crowd. Very touching and very inspiring.

Hats off and a hearty ‘thank you’ to the Sugrim family.

The entertainment was provided by DJ Crown Vibes with live support by Devendra Pooran, Peter Dass, Geeta Panday, ‘Hitman,’ the Apsara Dance troupe and Nicole and her dance group. The MC for the programme was the legendary, the indomitable, the outstanding and very eccentric Joel Ghanshyam (Cha-cha). He is the person I would like to recognize.

Immediately, on his arrival on stage, the crowd, which totalled at least 4000 persons, went hysterical. Joel was dressed in the most dazzling outfit and wore very narrow pants, if that is what they could have been called. He opened the programme with a dance which he himself performed and then went right into the business of entertaining the packed community centre ground.

Joel used his persona to captivate his audience and despite the remarks shouted out to him he maintained his calm, pleasant composure and had everyone tumbling in their chairs and jumping with laughter. He never displayed any sign of anger or discomfort. He was just focused on the business of entertaining. He was in the crowd, off the stage, dancing and having tremendous fun, when ‘Hitman’ was doing his thing on stage.

It was my first close-up experience with him and I have to admit that he is an exceptional and wonderful human being; an entertainer suited for the international scene and yet so down to earth. After the show everyone to whom I spoke was as thrilled and excited as I was at the performance of Joel Ghanshyam, the person popularly known as ‘Cha-cha.’

A great and even exciting show. Great job Joel and I speak for many persons. Hundreds of children enjoyed his performance.

Yours faithfully,
Charrandass Persaud

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