An interesting press conference

Dear Editor,


Why are some government officials so interested in having a stake in certain sports disciplines? The recently held press conference by some members of the football fraternity at the

Water Chris Hotel was indeed interesting and the revelations by some of the spokespersons even more entertaining.

Firstly Editor, it boggles the mind of any right-thinking person, particularly Guyanese, why it is that Mr Alfred King, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport seems to want to control football.

His portfolio as PS provides him with enormous influence to make an impact and have an interest in all sports disciplines that are featured in this country. Athletics in Guyana is in dire need of administrative assistance to provide an avenue for countless promising athletes whose potential careers come to an abrupt end after high school. The University of Guyana should be the next option for those promising youths to continue their dream of becoming professional athletes. Cricket and basketball too could certainly use some of his insightful know-how and experiences.

Culture and all disciplines of sport have the potential to put the country on an international platform. Take for instance our neighbouring Caribbean sister states Trinidad and Jamaica which are known around the world, not only for their culture, dishes, music and poetry but for football, cricket, netball and athletics. I firmly believe that if Mr King’s focus is redirected towards his mandate and responsibility for a national agenda for all sports disciplines as well as culture including the NOC, Cultural Centre, etc, then his ministry’s lost confidence in leadership and accountability will be restored and Guyana will be able to achieve much more locally and internationally.

Secondly, the comments of Presidential Advisor and General Secretary of the Georgetown Football Association, Mr Lumumba, in my opinion the cleverest and wisest of the grouping, were most shocking. He posited “they are bent on removing Matthias.” I believe this focus in retrospect should be redirected towards contributions that will aid towards the development of the game. I strongly believe the clubs from the various associations would be most appreciative if a small amount of this new burst of misguided energy could be directed towards getting rid of the over twenty million dollars debt incurred from the last Banks Beer cup, so they can be

paid their appearance fees still outstanding.

Mr Persaud’s adumbration reflected his principal interest which is the hope of FIFA’s sustained financial assistance.

Of all of the presenters it would be remiss of me if I fail to express my further disappointment in Mr Wayne Dover’s comments. He posited that various associations were in receipt of basic equipment and the teachers of the game are not. Are the teachers of the game not a part of the clubs which received that equipment? Are those recipients of the “basic” equipment not members of the Coaches Association?

In conclusion, with all the bold pronouncements of the grouping and their unwelcome intentions, it is surprising to note that no suggestion was made in relation to who will be the likely replacements for their misconceived plan. Are we to conclude that individuals putting forward these spurious claims are the intended replacements?


Yours faithfully,
Jermaine Figueira

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