What is the rationale for fixing the speed limit in East Canje at 50 kph?

Dear Editor,


Approximately four months ago, in a letter published in your newspaper, I asked the authority that fixes speed limits to kindly advise on the rationale used to fix the speed limit in East Canje, Berbice, at 50 kph.

Editor, to date there has been no response. Is it that these officials feel that they have no obligation to respond to the foolish public? Is it that they are supreme and cannot be questioned, or is it that they think Berbicians are milking cows to fatten others?

I hope Minister Clement Rohee or Minister Robeson Benn – whichever ministry the authority falls under – can use some turpentine on them.

In my previous letter I showed, by comparisons to other areas, width of road, congestion, etc, that fixing the speed limit at 50 kph was not consistent, rational or realistic.

I also queried 50 kph at Tain and Esplanade Road and the requirement to stop before proceeding across bridges on the Corentyne. I asked if statistics of tickets issued in East Berbice for 2013 showing those issued in the 50 kph zone and the ones in the 80 kph zone could be published.

If they need a copy of my letter they can call 618-3510.

Editor, the police continue to be unreasonable; imagine at 2 pm on Labour Day, when, as one sugar worker said, there was not even a red ant walking on the road, the police were there with the speed gun. It is hard to drive below 50 kph on an uncongested road. As I said before 65 kph is more realistic.

I once again ask the authority responsible to share the rationale used to fix the speed limit in these areas at 50 kph, or change it to 65 kph and remove the stop signs on the bridges.


Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Akeel

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