All Guyanese should raise their voices for local government elections

Dear Editor,

It is very strange that the PPP/C government is going to the hilt to ensure Ms Carol Sooba stays at the Georgetown City Council even though she does not have the support of the majority of councillors. I do not know of any other government, in any other part of the world that would stick its neck out for someone who clearly does not have the competencies or administrative ability to manage an organization such as the city council. More than that, the council is in crisis; it needs excellent management. A well-run corporation would never risk allowing someone who does not have the qualifications to be at its helm, let alone the Georgetown municipality that has the responsibility to provide vital services for citizens.

This brings to the fore the question why the PPP/Government is rushing full speed ahead to support someone who has not demonstrated any special qualities that can enhance the fortunes of the party.

Whatever the reason, the real victims are the citizens of Georgetown; they are not treated with respect and their right to good municipal services is continually denied. What democracy?

Worse, the PPP is refusing to call local government elections. Imagine an entire generation has been denied the right and opportunity to vote for a local government authority of their choice. Yet, the PPP/C continues to talk about democracy.

It is embarrassingly evident that they are afraid to call local government elections because they know that they will be decimated beyond recognition. Still, this is no reason for the government to be stubborn and to resist denying Guyanese the right to participate in governance of their local communities.

I call on the international community and members of the diplomatic corps to stop giving aid to this government. Such aid is encouraging the PPP/C to openly dishonour the principles of good governance and democracy.

I call on all Guyanese to raise their voices, through the media to demand local government elections. It is not a favour; it is our right. Let us demand it, now.

I call on the central government to fully respect the rights of all citizens and announce a date for local government elections.

Yours faithfully,

Aubrey James

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