It is absurd for roads which are used not to be gazetted

Dear Editor,

‘Kwakwani’s roads are not gazetted’ as reported by Joycelyn Morian is indeed a troubling matter that ought to be immediately regularized (SN, April 23).

I’ve heard talk before that any road which is not gazetted is not recognized, and thus it cannot be called into account. Any traffic violation committed when on it, therefore, cannot result in charges brought against the driver.

This to me is a nancy story. Wherever such roads are being used frequently in any community/region by both pedestrians and vehicles, traffic cops from time to tome should ‘run’ them; also drivers should be cautioned about transporting commuters since it’s a case of no one being responsible should anything terrible occur. But further to that, if such roads are known to be of service to the people, why not have them gazetted pronto; there ought to be some sort of condition in place rather than stay put in the silly comfort of non-recognition.

But behold! Morian so correctly poses the question: “A community that has been in existence for over sixty years with some of the basic infrastructure which could classify it to become a township, including a police station and magistrate’s court, cannot successfully prosecute traffic violators because of non-gazetted roads?” Just why should this be? This is all so absurd for a civilized community; because a road is not being accounted for all and sundry make use of it at their own peril.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Fyffe

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