Official distributed political fliers at Region 8 flag-raising ceremony

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to highlight a disturbing incident that occurred at the Independence Flag Raising Ceremony of Region Eight recently. Before the start of the ceremony the Regional Education Officer was distributing fliers to the audience captioned ‘Ameriandian Development Funds Slashed By Opposition.’ First of all, it was very unethical to be doing political work at these events. At these events people put their differences aside and celebrate in unity, but instead these officials are using the occasion to divide our people.

We the interior people have a history of putting our differences aside and working together; however, it appears as though this person wants to spread division among us. It is a shame to know that the man is a public servant and is engaging in political activity, and I believe this behaviour should be condemned in the strongest terms.

I can recall some time back at a RDC statutory meeting the then Minister of Local Government, Mr Ganga Persaud was very perturbed over me having a party band on my hands, and he cautioned me about it. Now here is an official doing political work in front of the Minister of Local Government. Had it been a junior staff member distributing fliers for the opposition I am sure that they would have been dismissed. If this man can be doing political work so openly one can just imagine what he is doing in the North Pakaraimas when no opposition member is around.

I am sure that the world will agree with me that for a Regional Education Officer to be engaging openly in politics does not augur well for the development of education in the region. It is no wonder our education system is taking a downhill dive in our region. For example, the teachers’ quarters at Chenapow which house two VSO teachers from the UK do not have any lights or furniture, and the entire plumbing system is damaged. In the teachers’ quarters at Mountain and Tusenen it is the same thing – no furniture, damaged plumbing system, no proper locks on the doors, etc.

In addition, he should not have twelve-year-old Ameriandian students at the Paramakatoi Secondary School Dormitory fetching five-gallon water containers for over 1500 feet; this amounts to child labour. This official’s behaviour clearly shows us that he is not working in the best interest of our region.

Yours faithfully,

Naieem Gafoor

Regional Democratic Councillor

Region Eight                                                                

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