The opposition is blocking a modern airport which would give us more choices

Dear Editor,

The former Prime Minister of Trinidad, Dr Eric Williams once stated that one minus ten leaves zero when he was referring to the withdrawal of Jamaica from the West Indies Federation. This type of thinking permeates Trinidad owned Caribbean Airlines. Their fares are high when they are the only operator for a route and the moment a competitor enters and offers a lower fare, Caribbean Airlines quickly match it.

This is the rip-off we get from our Caricom neighbour and yet still we have in parliament the opposition blocking the project for the construction of a larger and modern airport which will give us more choices.

The construction of the new airport is now in its infancy and already you have two new airlines planning to start operations in July 2014. This is forward planning by these two new airlines Copa and Instel. They are looking into the future and see the growth trajectory of a new airport and as such are positioning themselves to benefit from it.

I wish these two airlines all the success and cannot wait to visit the exciting destinations of Aruba, Curaçao and Panama.

Yours faithfully,

Reggie Bhagwandin

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