An AFC representative should have been present at the meeting between Ramotar and Granger

Dear Editor,

I am very disappointed that Mr David Granger, Leader of the Opposition, met with President Donald Ramotar on Monday and did not have with him a member of the Alliance for Change. Mr Granger is Leader of the Opposition but most, if not all the times he speaks he is either talking for A Partnership for National Unity or the Peoples’ National Congress. I am not knocking Mr Granger for this but what I am saying, Editor, is the appropriate thing would be to have a representative from the AFC in these meetings.

The Anti-money Laundering Bill is not only of interest to the APNU. It is of interest to the AFC too. These closed door meetings also lead to back and forth afterwards and allegations of who said what or didn’t promise what. These meetings are better held with the media in attendance. If the leaders do not want to have the media in attendance after the meetings they can hold a joint press conference, or release a joint press statement. Too much secrecy.

At the next meeting between the Leader of the Opposition and President it would be nice to see a senior member of the AFC present.


Yours faithfully,
Suresh Ramkellawan

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