No water leak at place letter-writer indicated

Dear Editor,

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) wishes to respond to the letter published in the Stabroek News, on Saturday, May 31, titled ‘Water wastage continues on the East Coast.’

GWI thanks your publication for highlighting the issues which continue to affect our customers.

An investigation conducted by GWI’s East Coast Demerara team revealed that there is no leak in the location described in the letter. According to GWI’s Divisional Operations Manager East Coast, Orlando Benjamin, GWI teams conducted a thorough inspection of the distribution network and surrounding areas, including the bridge that separates Chateau Margot and Pigeon Island, and there was no evidence of leaking pipelines.

The Divisional Manager disclosed that in 2012 he received reports of vandalism of pipelines by vagrants who were seen by residents at the location described by the writer of the letter.

These acts of vandalism were investigated and GWI promptly repaired the damaged pipelines on March 5, July 14 and July 17, 2012.

The company depends on the partnership with residents to report leaks and acts of vandalism as soon as possible; however there were no recent reports of leaking pipelines in the location indicated by the writer.

The company requests that the letter writer contact GWI’s Bachelor’s Adventure office to provide precise details of the location of the leak since no evidence of this was found.

GWI questions the validity of the statements contained in the letter since there is no evidence to substantiate these claims. Stabroek News failed to contact GWI’s Public Relations Department to ascertain the facts prior to publication of the letter. This would have provided GWI with the opportunity to immediately refute the erroneous statements by the writer.

GWI wishes to remind customers that leaks can be reported to GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701/03/04; e-mail: or ‘like’ GWI’s Facebook fan-page available at Tips on detecting leaks are available at


Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Water Incorporated

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