Dear Editor,


The Time: From the Garden City of colonial days, to the Garbage City of independent/republican Guyana; we have indeed come a long way. The time has come for local government elections.

Marriott: The investors have been revealed. Await not with bated breath, but with expectation, as the prophets of doom and their cohorts, begin their character assassination of the investors.

Boycott: The Independence celebrations at the National Park have once more been boycotted by the opposition political parties. In other Caribbean countries, regardless of the political differences that may exist between their government and the political opposition, they celebrate their Independence together. Maturity and burial of the hatchet is rather difficult to accomplish, when one has reached a particular age.

‘Jook gat jook back’: The United States is a democracy, which was achieved through blood, sweat, and tears. The mentality, therefore, of their politicians supersedes the ‘jook gat jook back’ mentality of ours.

We were once: A long, long, time ago, African Guyanese were considered the epitome of decorum and civility, and were law abiding.

Today in the 21st century, in our quest for material, and political power, we have become arrogant, lewd, uncouth, and lawbreakers. Where are our role models?


Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn

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