Strong winds not cows were the main challenge to the pilot in the Paramakatoi airstrip incident

Dear Editor,

Air Services Limited would like to set the record straight on the recent incident with an aircraft at Paramakatoi airstrip.

When I was contacted by the media regarding this matter, I was in Region Nine at Kumu Falls and I asked them to call me back. When I sought clarification from Head Office I heard that there had been a strong cross-wind on landing at Paramakatoi as well as cows on the airstrip, which I relayed to the media. However, on speaking to the pilot on my return to town, it is now clear that I misheard the original information on my cellphone. The cows were actually beside the airstrip, but not on it, and therefore the main challenge for the pilot was the strong winds at the time of the landing. I apologise for my error in miscommunication. In hindsight I should have waited for my return to Georgetown with all the details in front of me, and I should have asked the media to await the findings from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority.

With safety being always paramount, I still wish to reiterate that cows on or beside airstrips in the interior remain a daily challenge for us, and we appeal to the relevant authorities to address this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Annette Arjoon-Martins


Air Services Limited

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