WICB was right to move the Test match from Guyana

Dear Editor,

It has been almost two decades since I have agreed with anything coming from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) but last week when they moved the Test match from Guyana after warning the PPP Government of Guyana to refrain from meddling/attempting to have government exert control over Guyana’s cricket, I wholeheartedly agreed with them. The actions of the WICB should be used by Guyanese as a teachable moment in how to stand up to the undemocratic and morally bankrupt PPP.

It is sad that the great Clive Lloyd tarnished his reputation by lending credibility to the PPP’s attempted nationalization of a private organization, and both the WICB and International Cricket Council (ICC) saw the naked power grab. For the PPP, it’s just another aspect of life that they will totally dominate because it is the modus operandi in their communist DNA to control every facet of Guyanese life.

In the same week the WICB properly rejected the PPP, the country was treated to the testimony of PPP Member of Parliament (MP) Joe Hamilton’s participation in the dog and pony show otherwise known as the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI). While every Guyanese deserves to know the unvarnished truth surrounding Rodney’s death, nothing close to the impartial truth will be gleaned from the COI because the PPP has turned this into an extended infomercial to be used in their next political campaign to exploit the racial chasm that exists in the society.

Joe Hamilton was indeed a member of the House of Israel and long-time member of the PNC. When he stated for the COI that the House of Israel was an agent of the state under Burnham’s PNC, that also made him an agent of the state. Mr Hamilton, after his public break-up with the PNC prior to the 2011 elections did not reveal any misgivings about his activities as an agent of the state, but more importantly what does that say about the PPP and their penchant for embracing former PNC members who are known to have committed illegal acts? How seriously can the PPP be taken when their government issued Rabbi Washington, leader of the House of Israel, with a pardon? Mr Hamilton, former agent of the state, former PNC member, former GGG member and now PPP MP has demonstrated a propensity for singing for his supper. His lack of credibility does a disservice to the nation in the COI proceedings.

As Eusi Kwayana once famously said (quoting Martin Carter) when referring to Guyana’s racial situation, all are involved, all are consumed. Will the morally bankrupt PPP call for a COI on their “industrial action” otherwise known as arson? What about Minister Sash Sawh’s death, Roger Khan and the death squads or the ongoing torture by the police of ordinary civilians?

Yours faithfully,
Nigel Jason

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