The Berbice Cricket Board maintained a principled stance from the beginning

Dear Editor,

Cricket indeed is a unifying force among the Caribbean people, hence every stroke that is played has an impact on and off the field. In Guyana the lovely game has been tarnished for almost three years because of administrative chaos, thus the results on the field have been pathetic. How could the WICB have ignored such a situation is still a mystery.

From the inception when the legality of the GCB elections were challenged, the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) maintained a principled stance. Simply put, the GCB could not have justifiably held elections with only one participating board (Essequibo Cricket Board). In contravention and defiance of an order of court, a faction of the Demerara Cricket Board proceeded to give credence to the said elections by participating.

The WICB would later announce that the results were acceptable after confirmation from the observers who came. Is there something to hide WICB/GCB?

The court recently ruled that the elections were null and void thus vindicating the BCB’S challenge. There were several other stakeholders including the Georgetown Cricket Association, East Coast Cricket Board and North Essequibo Cricket Committee, among other concerned groups, that have also challenged the administration on similar grounds.

The BCB though has paid the penalty in several forms including the removal of subventions to the board, a stipend for its administrator, and surprise non-selection of its players at different levels. Still the BCB has admirably weathered the storm like any competent batsman would have done against a hostile bowler.

Hopefully with the passage of the Cricket Administration Bill which seeks to hold the institution accountable given fair elections, the BCB can once again become an integral member of the GCB, since unquestionably they have been the best organized and success driven of the three county boards.

Our rich cricketing history should never return to such a despicable level of mediocrity.

Therefore when the inevitable transformation of the sport transcends the GCB, the Berbice Cricket Board should be credited for maintaining due diligence, collective strength and loyalty to the will of the majority of its constituents for struggling to maintain the high standards they wish to see enforced at the highest level – which is the Guyana Cricket Board.

 Yours faithfully,

Elroy Stephney                        

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