The performance of Queen Street Tiger Bay was stellar at the Guinness Caribbean Street Football Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to the Team Guyana (Queen Street Tiger Bay) for their stellar performance at this year’s Guinness Caribbean Street Football Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago. This year Guyana showed its dominance by disposing of all opponents in the preliminary and semi-final matches, only to be defeated by defending champions Trinidad and Tobago by two goals to one. Nevertheless, Guyanese should be proud of the efforts of Team Guyana as they signalled to the Caribbean a significant improvement in the street football skills of Guyana.

The Queen Street Tiger Bay Team dominated the local finals with an avid mix of nifty dribbling, precise passing and fearless shooting that saw them easily emerging as local champions. I would urge that the unit stay together and train together so as to further refine their football skills for the next competition. A comprehensive review of the Caribbean finals by the Guyana team can serve them well, particularly in the area of play organization, an area that required much work by all local teams.

Banks DIH through the Guinness brand it manages must also be commended for hosting a successful Guinness Greatness of the Street Competition 2013-14, even amidst a challenging first half of the year for the company. The Guinness Greatest of the Street competition is an excellent outlet for inner city youths that helps channel much of their energies into something positive, both for themselves and the community in which they reside. I wish the company and Guinness in particular every success as they strive to further positively engage communities through the medium of sport.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Francois

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