Road to Eccles Industrial Site is a trench

Dear Editor,

I am writing about the land-filled road at the Eccles dumpsite. This road has now become impossible to travel on, along with the road leading to my factory situated at lot 1228, New Eccles Industrial Site. My factory is situated 2½ miles in from the public road. The road to my factory is made of sand and loam.

The road has become a trench. It is impossible for my workers and I to travel on it.

I am losing business because my customers are refusing to travel on it, and with this happening I may have to close down unless the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) immediately repairs the road. I have written Minister Irfaan Ali and CHPA about the deterioration of the road, and nothing happened.

The road is cheaply built with sand and loam. It cannot stand up to the rainy season.

I pointed this out also to the CHPA. Up to the time of writing I had paid CHPA $10 million. They said they would use these funds together with what they get from the other tenants to construct this road. It is substandard and makes it impossible for us to get to work.

I am a remigrant having lived 36 years overseas, and I answered the call of the President to return home and invest the skills and expertise acquired overseas.

Now to drive in trenches instead of a road with my workers causes me to be very disappointed with the President’s come-back-home call. I feel we are neglected.

I would be grateful if you would send your photographer to take a photo of the roads and publish it, in order to catch the attention of the Minister of Public Works so that he could do something immediately to repair the road and we can carry on to do our business.

 Yours faithfully,

M Beepat

Beeson Windows and Doors

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