SN did not carry GINA’s report on Roopnaraine’s WICB comments

Dear Editor,

I have been following the general coverage, including that of your newspaper, relating to the cricket impasse and the ultimate removal of the third Test match scheduled for Guyana later this month between the West Indies Cricket Team and New Zealand.

I would like to note that GINA, via email, disseminated a story attributed to Dr Rupert Roopnaraine from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), on June 3, 2014.

That article, captioned, ‘In light of match removal from Guyana… Dr Roopnarine [sic] challenges WICB to show where in Cricket bill is Gov’t given power over GCB,’ noted Dr Roopnaraine’s position, and I would want to believe that of APNU, on the Cricket Administration Bill which was passed on May 15, 2014, with the support of his party.

It is not my intention to restate the content of the GINA bulletin mentioned. However, it must be noted that Dr Roopnaraine is reported to have said the action taken by the WICB is ridiculous and he believes that the WICB is grinding an axe, either its own or someone else’s.

One would expect that in the context of fair and unbiased reporting, the positions taken by the major stakeholders would have been given, if not equal, some level of prominence in your papers especially being cognisant of the importance of cricket to Guyana and the Region.

If it is that you may claim to have not received the document, GINA can again make it available.

Yours faithfully,

Neaz Subhan

 Editor’s note

The GINA press release referred to by Mr Subhan was received and noted. Dr Roopnaraine’s position on the Guyana Cricket Administration Bill of 2012 was stated in our reportage on the passage of the bill in the May 16 edition of the newspaper and if necessary Stabroek News will engage him further on the matter. The views of a variety of stakeholders on this matter have been reported in Stabroek News.

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