Why is the Limacol CPL being allowed while the Test match has been pulled?

Dear Editor,

The WICB, in retaliation against the Cricket Administration Bill, pulled the third Test match from Guyana. It is within their mandate to do so.

However, another WICB sanctioned event, the Limacol CPL, has been granted approval to host matches in Guyana. Isn’t this a double standard by the WICB?

On principle, if the WICB pulled the Test match from Guyana for the reasons they highlighted then, likewise, it should not allow the WICB sanctioned Limacol CPL to be held in Guyana since the stated issues have not yet been resolved.

However, since the WICB has granted approval for the Limacol CPL matches, then certainly they should be pressured into reconsidering the Test match for Guyana.

Or at least offer an explanation why these two sanctioned events are being treated so differently by the WICB.

Yours faithfully,
M Abraham

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