Impressed by the GCB analysis on the cricket bill

Dear Editor,

I was very impressed with the in-depth analysis that was presented by the GCB on the Cricket Administration Bill which the Government of Guyana (GOG) is trying to force down the throat of those administrators. The document was easy to follow and logical in its analyses. Cricket is our national sport and if what the GCB says is accurate, that GOG gives them no money for the administration of their game, how can they want to interfere with the internal affairs of a legal and autonomous body which is affiliated to and bound by the rules and regulations of regional and international bodies? The GOG should be utterly ashamed of barking up a tree trying to fight the battle of a few misguided former administrators who are upset because they did not get re-elected to the Board. Those individuals have succeeding in throwing our cricket into the total chaos it has been in for the past few years. They were represented by the Attorney General prior to his appointment. He lost all the cases that he brought or defended against the Boards that he challenged.

This is the most lopsided piece of legislation that I have ever laid my eyes on. How can a Parliament seek to legislate constitutions for autonomous bodies and seize the assets of that body in one fell swoop? This is absolutely outrageous! The PPP continue to bury their heads in the sand with their usual stubborn attitude. They lost a few seats in the 2011 elections and this will guarantee they lose at least another 2 or 3 seats in the next one. I guess that is why they are scared to call local government elections. If they are trying to clean up their act, they are doing a lousy job of that and they need professional advice.

Yours faithfully,

I Sankar

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