Blue Caps seem to have a political agenda despite what they say

Dear Editor,

Who are the prime movers behind the so-called Blue Caps trying to fool? Blue Caps claims to have no political agenda but everything its founder leader is doing and saying is suggesting otherwise.

If the Blue Caps do not have any political agenda as they are saying, then how is it that their founder leader is taking partisan positions in the media on the issue of local government elections, positions which coincide with those of other groupings including some of the foreign missions in the country?

Could it be that the Blue Caps are nothing but a front organization to carry out the wishes of certain foreign bodies that seem bent on influencing the political processes through a back door mechanism, after having failed to get their way through approved channels?

This raises another question as to the source or sources of funding for this organisation which seems to have quite an ambitious national programme. According to a letter written by Marissa Lowden in her capacity as Chief Executive Officer the aim is “to provide a platform for young Guyanese citizens to leverage opportunities available for developing their own roles in helping to shape and articulate public policy and finding solutions for problems affecting communities and country.”

These are objectives which cannot be achieved without strong institutional support and networking structures which the organization clearly lacks. Moreover, there are already a multiplicity of organizations with similar organizational goals and objectives operating in the country such as the National Youth Parliament and the National Youth Empowerment Project which transcend the boundaries of partisan politics.

The Blue Caps ought to come clean as to their true motives and not seek to hide under the fig leaf of being apolitical and non-partisan.

Yours faithfully,
Narindra Persaud



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