A lot of people on the coast faring worse than those in the hinterland

Dear Editor,


I’ve been in coastal Guyana for the past month. I’ve visited friends in Regions 6, 5, 4 and 3. What I have witnessed should make any decent government hang their head in shame, but then again, this government is not decent neither do they know how to be ashamed.

Apart from the failing infrastructure all over the coast, a lot of people are faring worse than we are in the hinterland.

I have seen countless, what the Jamaicans call, screw-faces. These countless masses seem to be trudging through life in a zombie-like manner, not seeming to know where their deliverance will come from or when. No wonder we have so many spontaneous, violent crimes. People are literally living on the edge.

On the other side of the spectrum we have a few who are living it up. I am sure that their pets eat better than a lot of our people. Yet they go about their daily hustlings, oblivious to the suffering masses. This new class of wealthy people can be observed daily flouting the laws of the land with impunity.

Meanwhile the Guyana Police Force in the forms of their traffic ranks, motor-bike squads and black clothes ranks can be seen day and night adding to the misery of ordinary Guyanese. At every turn one can observe the harassment, the subtle traps and the open bribe-taking schemes. The alarming thing is that the bribe-taking is no longer covert. This begs the question: do the upper echelons know of these deviant behaviours and the perpetrators? Of course they must know.

Instead of fixing the many ills that have befallen us as a nation, the government has engaged in activities that are divisive and counter-productive. I do hope that the new government will call this excuse of a government to account.

I also hope that the next time around that the Guyanese people remind the PPP what a miserable failure they have been and replace them with a government that can bring peace, national unity and prosperity to each and every Guyanese.


Yours faithfully,
Carl Parker Sr
Regional Councillor
Region 9

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