Dear Editor,

On Sunday, June 1, the Kaieteur News published an article captioned ‘Man shoots policeman’s dog.’ That article was completely misleading and did not give a true picture of what took place. On Thursday, May 29 at about 16:00hrs two dogs belonging to a policeman viciously attacked a pregnant goat named Mary belonging to Eashram Rambaran. Residents living around the area saw the attack and pelted bottles, bricks and sticks to drive the dogs away from the goat.

The dogs bit the goat on its neck and would not loose same. Residents who saw the attack came and called me. I went there with my shotgun and shot a load in the trench to scare off the dogs but one dog would not loose the goat, although the other one did and went away after the shot was fired. The dog was very vicious and intended to kill the goat; it could kill a man because it had the size of a calf. All the residents who were there said I should shoot the dog.

The policeman’s wife was under her house about thirty roods away, and did not do anything to call off the dogs from the attack. This dog has killed and eaten sheep, goats and lambs belonging to residents of Glasgow New Housing Scheme and Edinburgh. The sheep and goats graze on the dam and street shoulders and do not destroy crops.

Yours faithfully,
Eashram Rambaran

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