Chronicle used section from a biographical sketch without acknowledgement in Buxton feature

Dear Editor,


Someone drew my attention to a feature on Buxton which appeared in the July 26 edition of the Guyana Chronicle. (‘Buxton: Holding fast to its roots and boasting striking historical features’). Over the years I have been subjected to the worst kind of political abuse in that newspaper while my frequent letters to the press have long been ignored to the point where I have ceased submitting them. So I was stunned when I read my words in the section of the feature that highlighted Mr Eusi Kwayana.

In fact the entire section was taken from a biographical sketch of Mr Kwayana that I wrote a few years ago titled ‘Eusi Kwayana: A Biographical Sketch.’

The article is on my website and is reproduced and quoted widely online and offline.

The problem with the Chronicle’s feature by Alex Wayne is that my words were not quoted and credited to me; they appeared as the reporter’s words. I hesitate to charge the reporter with plagiarism for it may not be fair to him or her. Perhaps he or she assumes it is okay not to credit sources; I notice another author’s words were used or misused in similar manner in the said feature. I sent this letter to the Editor of Chronicle on Thursday July 8 but to date I have not received any private acknowledgement from him nor has the letter and an apology been published in the Chronicle.


Yours faithfully,
David Hinds

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