Emancipation Day is perhaps the most significant day in Guyana’s history

Dear Editor,


Cuffy250 joins with Guyanese, in particular African Guyanese, in commemorating the 176th anniversary of the end of chattel slavery in Guyana. Emancipation Day is perhaps the most significant day in Guyana’s history.

For African Guyanese, Emancipation represents a convergence of the horrors of enslavement, overcoming enslavement and confronting the sordid and persistent legacy of enslavement.


Emancipation marked the end of 200 years of the most dehumanizing experience in our country and the world. But it was also a day of triumph over subjugation and domination whereby the human spirit refused to give in and give up.

Emancipation, therefore, represents a spirit and tradition of resistance, perseverance and overcoming. Further, Emancipation led to the broadening of our multi-ethnic social texture as indentured immigrants soon arrived to join those who were already here.

Cuffy250 urges all Guyanese on this Emancipation anniversary to reflect on its deep significance. In this regard we must view Emancipation Day not just as a token holiday to African Guyanese, but as a recognition and affirmation of Black and African dignity and equal worth and a reminder that all groups have a sacred duty to guard against domination. Finally, we urge all African Guyanese to strive to rejoin, with renewed vigour, the persistent struggle to realize the Emancipation promise of true freedom. A freedom that can only be won through our Self-Activity, Self-Love and Self-Reliance.


Yours faithfully,
David Hinds
For Cuffy250

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