Church Street Canal needs to be properly desilted not just cleared of weeds

Dear Editor,

I have decided to take this opportunity as a concerned citizen to highlight an observation that I have made with the work that has commenced on the Church Street Canal.

From what has been noted thus far, this canal was overgrown with grass and weeds and the contractor has commenced on removing the grass; however, this canal which runs from Vlissingen Road to Avenue of the Republic serves as the main drainage for the residents of the flood affected wards of Queenstown, South Cummingsburg and Alberttown. Therefore much more extensive de-silting works would have to be done during the dry season; one can literally see the amount of mud in this canal. I think that it’s an absolute waste of taxpayers’ money for heavy duty equipment to be just engaging in a weed-clearing exercise.

This canal needs to be dug to a point where an adequate depth would be restored to the canal, thus enabling it to hold a larger volume of water during the rainy season. This applies as well to all the main artery alleyways in the wards to the north of Church Street which drain under Church Street into the Church Street Canal. From observation many of the outfalls that lead into this canal have silt covering their openings, thus preventing the water from discharging properly whenever the kokers are opened.

I urge Mr Norman Whittaker, Minister of Local Government to please ensure that these works are not merely cosmetic in nature but that the citizens are given real value for our money.

I am a resident of South Cummingsburg, who suffers whenever there is a heavy downpour of rain, so I think that it is in my best interest as well as that of the citizens of my community that we ensure that this ‘Clean Up My Country Programme’ is done properly.

 Yours faithfully,

Daniel Thomas

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