What happened to the funds approved in 2013 for the repair of the GT-Lethem road?

Dear Editor,

As the GT-Lethem road goes through yet another episode of damage, a number of questions are being asked about the money which was approved in late 2013 to effect repairs which apparently were never undertaken.

None other than the HPS, Dr Roger Luncheon, some time in late 2013, relayed via the public media, that approval had been granted for monies to repair the GT-Lethem road.

Yet no obvious repairs were done on the road. So what has happened to the approved funds? Is it the same money re-approved in 2014? Or is there now the case where two sums of money will be used on the road repairs resulting in much better and more expansive repairs?

These are pertinent queries relating to public funds which need to be clarified and answered, especially since a large section of the populace of the country is now suffering owing to the poor condition of this same road.

Maybe it does not serve a political good, but it is hoped that the opposition can seek some answers from the relevant authorities on this issue.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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