This country needs politicians who are the servants of the people not their lords and masters

Dear Editor,

As we common people look on at the circus that is now parliament when in session, one cannot help but wonder at the length some of our politicians would go to score points against their adversaries. These political parties need to be reminded that they are dealing with adversaries and not enemies, and they must not cause undue hardships to this country.

Are we not all patriots of this country? Do we not wish to see it move forward in whatever direction possible? Why are some of our representatives behaving like crabs in a barrel, always pulling down those above them.

Whatever good intentions the opposition may have, they are always nitpicking every action done by a minister of government. I fully agree that the government must be accountable for its actions, but when we have accusations and counter-accusations being traded which take precedence over the country’s affairs the people become the indirect losers. In my opinion, the things that came out of the parliament of recent are bitterness and spiteful politics.

Our country is blessed with many resources; some we do not have the means and technology to put to use, yet some of us are like the dog in the manger. Now we are told about a no-confidence motion, about challenges in court for decisions, about suing people, etc. This is how the government and opposition forces waste valuable time instead of constructive engagement for the betterment of the country.

We are never short of surprises; the most recent is the PNC lawyer talking about the fourth theory in the Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Is the learned gentleman from this planet?

The people of this country need politicians who are servants of the people and not their lords and masters.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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