GCB disseminates accurate information about cricket and other matters

Dear Editor,


In the August 9 edition of the Stabroek News, a letter with the headline ‘GCB website has inaccurate information about North Essequibo Cricket Board’ was published under the penmanship of Elroy Stephney. In his letter, Mr Stephney incorrectly accused the GCB of publishing misleading and inaccurate information. The GCB strongly rejects Mr Stephney’s assertions and encourages him to be a little more careful in his research and publications.

The GCB wishes to advise that its official website is WWW.GUYANACRICKETBOARD.COM.

This website was launched at the Guyana Cricket Board’s boardroom earlier this year and was widely publicized in most sections of the media, but this positive activity by the GCB may have eluded Mr Stephney.

This site is still in its infancy stages and can be considered to be a work in progress.

Editor, we always welcome constructive criticisms and suggestions on ways to improve our communication with the public at large, as we aspire to make this site the premier source of the latest news and information about our activities, development programmes and cricket in Guyana, regionally and worldwide. At the GCB, we pride ourselves upon disseminating very accurate information about cricketing and other related matters and wish to advise the general public that meticulous care is taken by our host and administrators to ensure the authenticity of the information posted therein.

We invite Mr Stephney and the general public to visit our site on a daily basis and witness the news and developments taking place as we continue to work hard to upkeep and maintain our mandate towards the development of cricket in Guyana. Most current news on the victories at the WICB Regional Under 15 and Under 19 levels are posted therein and we encourage congrats to the respective Guyana youth teams for their achievements.

We trust Mr Stephney will now do the honourable thing and feel obliged to set the record straight and issue the appropriate apology to the Board. In addition, Stabroek News should also have been more diligent in its publication of this letter.


Yours faithfully,
Melinda Bishundyal
Assistant Administrator
Guyana Cricket Board

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