The city council and citizens need to exhibit pride in the capital

Dear Editor,

There has been much talk but little action when it comes to a solution to the problem of pride and managing the litter and garbage problems in the city. First, let’s address the litter. Everywhere you look in Georgetown, there is litter scattered on the ground. Generally, this is not on the property of ordinary homeowners, but on the common areas adjoining their properties such as opens spaces, sidewalks, etc. This could be easily fixed by homeowners taking a walk around the perimeter of their properties and picking up the litter. Also, the many walkers and runners could help by picking up a piece or two every time they go out. The merchants in the city need to take responsibility, not just for their property, but for the litter that results from their business that can end up littering a large geographic area around; this could be shopping bags, boxes and big garbage bags filled with shipping material, such as styrofoam, that is so light that the wind blows it around. It then is strewn among the trees and bushes.

The issue is the garbage being dumped around the city. Now they must make a decision; take it back home and drive all the way back in again or find a secluded spot and dump it. The other thing that the city council could do is to encourage their employees to pick up litter and garbage aside from the main jobs they do. I believe the city council and its employees need to raise their standards and pride in the city that provides them with their livelihood, while setting a good example for everyone to follow. With the strong and frequent rainfall, littering will always be a challenge; it causes flooding and along with the flooding comes a long line of disasters, but that challenge can be met if the council and its citizens exhibit their pride and rise to it.

Yours faithfully,
R Persaud

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