Where is the gold medallion from the 1967 World Expo

Dear Editor,

Guyana once made its international presence felt at the World Expo 1967 in Montreal, Canada (Theme: ‘Man and his world’) which was the first world exhibition to be held in North America. It was a joint venture between Guyana and Barbados which shared the same pavilion for about 185 days.

Two of the many outstanding features at the ‘Guyanarama’ show were Shanto King Bill Rogers’ ‘Daddy gone to Cove and John,’ which was performed by The Guyana Police Male Voice Choir and the presence of Millie the Macaw which swore in French and English and was subsequently deported.

Sunday, October 29, 1967 was the Carnival-style jump up which was well supported by many from the Caribbean, and it was a moment when some, if not all representatives of Guyana, forgot about protocol and had a great time.

A souvenir gold medallion was presented to each pavilion and I believe Mr Peter Morgan collected on behalf of Guyana. The million dollar question is where is that souvenir gold medallion now? I believe that such memorabilia should be made available for public viewing at the National Museum, perhaps, or displayed at GuyExpo 2014 under security.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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