President sang a different song

Dear Editor,

The President sang a slightly different song the other day through his ‘non-announcement’ to the nation. Try as he might to disguise the issue, there is no concealing the desperate cry and play for time; the lyrics are that obvious, they are that lugubrious. Just listen.

Though giving his best, the President did a jerky rendition of Nat King Cole’s ‘Time and the river’ which no matter how the former is stretched, spaced, delayed, or manufactured, a river of ruin awaits his party. At the end of this process of stonewalling and innovating, the President will lament just like the New Zealander John Rowles when he moaned “If I only had time, only time.” The local big man can have January and February and March, but at the end of every antic and stratagem, he will be wailing when he remembers losing the Guyanese voter as Keith Lyn did with his lost love in “A little piece at a time.”

To reiterate the President needs to feel what Ray Charles lived in the hazy light of his darkened world as he struggled through “Oh, it’s crying time.” Yes, and it will that way for a long time. This is especially so since the President ignored all sane advice forthcoming about how to bond with Guyanese, including his own people, as best crooned by Percy Sledge in ‘Take time to know her.’ As in love, hubris has laid many a man low.

Last, as immortalized right here on the domestic front, the President should know by now that ‘Dis time nah lang time.’ Game is up. “So, hit the road Jack,” and take all those fellows right with you.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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