Has the Normalization Committee overstepped its FIFA terms of reference?

Dear Editor,

Former SN Sports Editor Orin Davidson has not in my opinion lost any of his journalistic attributes despite permanent residency in the USA. Once again he must be commended for his insight and vision in relation to critical issues affecting the administration of local football. In his most recent article captioned ‘Committee drops ball with bombshell K & S snub’ (SN, December 10) Orin writes, “FIFA made a timely intervention of ridding Guyana of the previous lame duck administration, but it would be interesting to know on whose recommendations the Normalization Committee members were appointed. It seems tantamount to digging a hole to fill a hole.” I sincerely hope this is not the end result. With constitutional reform an important factor, it is amazing that attorney-at-law, Saphier Husain was not considered by the FIFA representatives to serve on the Normalization Committee, since his record on constitutional matters speaks for itself.

It’s now water under the bridge since the Normalization Committee has been given the green light for the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) and other associations if they so wish, to proceed with coordinating their own year-end tournaments. And then from December, 2015 the GFF will be coordinating its year-end tournament. The Normalization Committee and the incoming GFF Executive would be aware of the work in hand associated with coordinating a nationwide tournament in December. Would it be incorporated into its national calendar of seasonal activities? At what period of the year would associations be required to conclude their domestic seasons in order for affiliates’ selection and participation in the GFF tournament to be possible? By the way, has the Normalization Committee overstepped its terms of reference as mandated by FIFA, by making such a premature public pronouncement?

In the final analysis the Normalization Committee is sailing in uncharted waters with none of the five members having any previous experience in the administration of football. A review of past mistakes, inclusiveness, constitutional reform, modernization and proper planning must all be front-burner issues if success is to be achieved by the end of the committee’s tenure. They should not be piggy-backing on the Kashif and Shangai’s staging of its visionary year-end tournament, which over a period of twenty-four years, has grown to become a national event, then have the temerity to publicly advocate it would be facilitated in April; this leaves much to be desired. Would it be prudent to play the finals on Easter Monday when by tradition that day is reserved for kite-flying, which brings out thousands of persons to various places, of which the sea wall remains the primary location?

Mr Davidson should continue to be of service and a source of information to the less football educated readers, and a pinnacle of inspiration to upcoming journalists. While there are a few sports journalists whom I hold in high esteem and deservedly receive my commendation publicly via the print media, there are many others who receive my condemnation.


Yours faithfully,

Lester Sealey

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