The people were united at the AFC national conference

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to congratulate the leaders of the AFC on being re-elected to their various offices within the party; also congratulations to the twelve National Executive Members of the AFC who were elected at the recently held national conference.
At this AFC forum there was a multi-racial party, and the smell of fresh air that a new day is coming to Guyana. People from all walks of life came under one roof for one purpose and that was to make Guyana a better and more accountable nation through strong leadership with accountability and transparency at all levels.

As I entered the auditorium I realized that something positive was in the place; the people were all united and there was joy in their faces.  As I looked at the stage I saw a new Guyana;  I saw leaders with passion for a better Guyana.  I saw one man who created a difference in the education system in Berbice – Professor Daizal Samad. He has indeed joined the right team, AFC.  He has the ability to make Guyana a better place by giving his vision in written form to become policies for the AFC in creating a Better Guyana for all especially the working class and youths who have been starved of employment since 1992.  I saw my Amerindian brothers and sisters were up to the task for change as they shared their voices on jobs in the hinterland and the opportunities that can be created.

Many of my Amerindian brothers and sisters in the hinterland are without jobs, and all they depend on to feed, clothe and shelter their families is farming.  Many of them are being exploited in various ways, be it in the gold and diamond industries, land being taken away, hand-outs from this government, in education, technical vocational training, etc.  I am not saying this to gain points but take a walk or chat with the brothers and sisters in Regions 1, 2, 5,6,7,8 and 9 and you will hear their cry.  Many now believe that they have been deprived of what they truly deserve by this corrupt PPP\C administration, especially where the LCDS initiative is concerned.
The supporters, invitees, delegates and observers to the conference came from all regions of Guyana and the most interesting thing is that they are ready for the change and re-committed themselves to being that change by spreading the message of change to all.

I am indeed honoured to hear the leaders of the AFC who were re-elected give their strong commitment to working harder for the people of this country and to bring change in the most positive manner.  I was astonished when the leader of the party Mr Khemraj Ramjattan talked about corruption in the government.  This shows that the AFC is doing its work and that is to educate the people of this land.  Mr Moses Nagamootoo once again showed his statesmanship in delivering a sparkling opening speech and continuing to educate the audience as to the way forward and the plans of the AFC for the future of Guyana.  Mr Nigel Hughes once again has given Guyana something to think about and that is constitutional reform. He had the attention of all as we listened to why this government is becoming more of a dictatorship day by day,  because of the power vested in the President under the constitution.  All the other speakers were on the right track but my sister Cathy Hughes made the day with her presentation as she revealed the theme that the AFC will be going into the next election with.
The AFC has proven that its leaders nationally and regionally can take Guyana into a brighter and productive future.

Yours faithfully,
Abel Seetaram

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