Why is administration favouring one part of public service with bonus?

Dear Editor,


The Administration’s annual bonus for the police and other members of the Joint Services is most disappointing. While the gesture by the President is well- intended, the manner in which it is done annually leaves much to be desired as well as numerous unanswered questions, like why does the administration only see it necessary to reward one section of the public service over others.

I am sure the police are hardworking people throughout the year, notwithstanding the numerous complaints and allegations of the use of brute, force and ignorance against the citizenry; cases of bribery and injustice as well as poor investigative methods and sloppy work in the judicial system. Many of these allegations turn out to be very true.

But if one were to measure the performance of the police in 2014, it was miserable to say the least. Unsolved murders; failure to prosecute cases in a manner worthy of the course of justice; unprofessional conduct by these persons etc surely cannot merit such across- the- board rewards.

These are the same batch of workers who harass motorists and drivers on the road as well as hide in bus- sheds and other public spaces with radar guns against ‘selected’ drivers.

There is no award incentive for teachers or nurses, but an elaborate ceremony for Best Police and such like.

An administration, in administrating, must never show favour over (very hardworking and dedicated) members of other sections of the (public) workforce. It is a sign of bad management. Preferential treatment of the police over teachers, nurses and other very hardworking public servants who keep the ball rolling, so to speak, in the administration of their duties, is very sad indeed.

What is this saying to the other classes of workers?


Yours faithfully,
Leon Suseran

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