Whittaker’s letter was a tissue of falsehoods

Dear Editor,

Only this evening, time allowed me to read your esteemed daily paper and see the letter penned by Minister Norman Whittaker. It is a disgraceful tissue of falsehoods, and clearly a long distance away from the reality at City Hall (‘Government will not allow the city council to put its interests above those of the workers,’ SN, December 17).

Every one of the points is deceptive, and the worst is at number 7. The Minister states, “I am informed that the several efforts by the Town Clerk to convene a special statutory meeting of the Council to discuss and try to bring resolution to the industrial action have seen council focused on irrelevant and personal issues.”

Editor, what a colossal untruth; what took place is the exact opposite. I wrote the Madam Town Clerk acting, asking for an extraordinary meeting to deal with the request by the Guyana Local Government Officers’ Union. The Town Clerk acting, as usual and in characteristic breach of all laws and practices, refused to summon the meeting. The Minister is a total stranger to the truth.

I attach my letters and the Town Clerk’s [enclosed], since the Minister is aware of the correspondence, and ask, if he has the slightest bit of decency to make a public apology for this gross deception and mischief in his letter. For now I ignore the other bits of nonsense.


Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green


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