Decorate the piles of dirt

Dear Editor,

It was with seasonal joy that I welcomed a clean-up of the drains around my Queenstown neighbourhood over a week ago. The drains were cleaned and the filth and dirt were piled on the parapets – check out the corner of Crown and Irving Streets – and I felt sure that a truck would arrive to clear them away.

To date, no such thing has happened and I have come to realize that a proud Guyanese would know that filth and dirt are the attributes of our national character that are most encouraged, praised and rewarded in every sphere of our society including our cultural and political life. Our municipal officials are simply presenting us with physical reminders of all that we must be thankful for.

Could I ask that they decorate the piles of dirt with fairy lights over the holiday season? After all, the dirt will simply wash back into the drains with the next big rainfall and we would have missed such an opportunity to be festive.


Yours faithfully,
R. Shah

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