The Jason Holder selection

Dear Editor,

In the real world of cricket, Jason Holder is a man of the future. He would eventually bowl like Garner and bat like Marshall or even Collis King.

In the real world of politics, he is ready to be captain of the W.I.  O.D.I. team.

Holder is not an automatic selection to the team because he is inexperienced, does not do a great deal with the ball, and either cannot or does not bowl fast. The result of his selection will inevitably be the exclusion of a specialist batsman or bowler (fast, slow or medium) from every team going forward.

He, of course, loves W.I. cricket more than those unpatriotic veterans and his syntax is o.k.

The selection of Kenroy Peters to replace Roach is a cricketing decision. There is no bowler with more control anywhere.

Yours faithfully,
Romain Pitt

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