GT&T cell phone representatives not customer friendly

Dear Editor,

It is amazing and distressing to think that a leading company and essential service provider, namely GT&T, which generates large revenues and has been doing so for decades, seems to be complacent about providing a quality service.

At this point, I will focus on their cell phone service. I had many experiences of calling their customer service representatives to identify a problem I had, and was told that they would call me with a feedback. I never received such a call. From the inception, the greeting is not friendly and invariably when the representative does give her name (I have never encountered a male representative), it is inaudible or indistinct. Furthermore, they are not prepared to listen and seem to want to be pedantic (on an unwarranted issue). If I was not one to hold my ground, it seems that I would have been silenced and been given a solution or reason without my situation being defined or understood by the representative.

I will say that the garrulous and haughty nature of these representatives has permeated many local business operations. This makes customer interaction with them more tedious and difficult. They are hurting themselves and the company. I attribute it to the insouciance of management. The management needs to be managed or replaced by worthy managers.

GT&T has tried to compete and outdo their sole competitor with a short-lived attraction like the ‘dollar a minute,’ but have reverted to their former complacency with their cell phone rates being substantially more than when there was the dollar a minute offer. Please GT&T, the majority of citizens are your customers. Let us have a good Christmas and future with you.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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