Hoyte ensured the voice of the people was obeyed

Dear Editor,

December 22, 2014 marked the twelfth anniversary of the death of one of Guyana’s statesmen, Mr Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Having so much to say and remember Mr Hoyte for, I confine myself to the few following remarks, which I think summarise much of his impact on our social and economic well-being.

Hugh Desmond Hoyte was the man whose commitment to Guyana’s democratic ideals did not allow contemplation of ‘proroguing’ the 1992 elections, but ensured the voice and power of the people was obeyed. He was the man whose achievements the PPP has systematically denied and sought to claim for themselves, but who will forever remain an inconvenient truth to the Peoples Progressive Party.

Yours faithfully,

Craig Sylvester

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