Drayton on a roll racks up third successive win against Namibia’s Candidate Master

Anthony Drayton is turning out to be the success story of the Guyana chess team currently participating in the 41st World Chess Championships in Tromso, Norway.

One day after his defeat of Nigeria’s International Master Bunmi Olape Drayton returned to defeat Namibia’s Candidate Master Charles Eichab (2048) with the black pieces.

The game lasted only 29 moves and ended with Drayton just a few moves away from checkmating his opponent.

However the other three players were unable to match Drayton’s feat and lost. Ronuel Greenidge, ranked 1630, was defeated by Max Baron Nitzborn. The game last 42 moves and Nitzborn had a two pawn advantage ( two rooks, a queen and five pawns against a rook a queen, a knight and five pawns).

On Board Three Haifeng Su (1724) battled for 36 moves before resigning his match against Candidate Master Mc Lean Handjaba (2139) while Maria Varona Thomas (1777) resigned approximately 10 moves away from checkmate to Rex Oberholzer who was playing with the black pieces.

Use Maria Varona Thomas end game board.


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